1. Will you still be a relevant leader in five years?

    Leaders can't ignore the impact of technology on their organisation. If they do, they become irrelevant. What does it take to be a leader and stay relevant, now and in the future?

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  2. How can you cope when the buyer is in control?

    How do you protect and manage your top line knowing that in B2B 60% of the buying cycle is executed before the buyer allows sales people in? And when in B2C, "showrooming" is destroying bricks & mortar retail outlets?

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  3. Technology is an art. IT are your artists.

    Business software is more complicated than is the most complex symphony, with less tolerance for mistakes. Your IT people are the artists who can change the future of your business. How do you treat them?

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  4. Has your organisation a high velocity culture?

    A high velocity culture is the fertile ground for business success! Is the environment of your organisation fertile, supporting a high velocity culture? Or is it toxic?

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  5. People produce great ideas, use them!

    Avoid the ‘Kodak experience’. Challenge yourself, develop, test and implement new technologies, offerings and business models. Think outside the box. That’s what your competitors do.

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